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The Night of 100 Elvises is a Baltimore tradition; a gathering of Elvis fans, partiers, and bands all focused on the music of the King.  But behind the party is the main goal of the NO100E organization--to provide funds for community outreach for Baltimore.

Jed Duvall has been involved with the NO100Elvises since 2006, and since he is a local "Elvi", he's become one of the ambassadors for the big night--appearing on news programs, being interviewed for publications, even once answering phones during a Maryland Public Television funds drive (while in his Elvis persona, of course.

Jed is honored to be featured in the December issue of Baltimore Magazine, telling his story and promoting the 2018 Night of 100 Elvises.  The article is accompanied by a great photo done by local photographer Mike Morgan.  

For more information regarding the NO100E, go to their web site at www.nightof100elvises.com